Eco-friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

Eco-friendly mother's day gifts

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Having trouble figuring out that perfect and Eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift for that mindful mama in your life?


No worries. I got you covered!


Now, if you have one of those moms in your life you probably already know just how difficult they can be to buy for. This is because they put the utmost research and thought into everything they buy, eat, wear, clean with, etc. Your typical lotion and perfume Mother’s day baskets simply won’t do. Avoiding chemicals and toxins is a top priority in their lives. They enjoy purity, simplicity, nature- all things eco-friendly.


I recently asked a large group of crunchy, eco-friendly and mindful mama’s what they would like to receive as a gifts for Mother’s Day and they spoke! Many of these wish list items I already own and absolutely love and the rest I would gladly accept any day- can someone pass that along to my husband?


I’ve compiled a list of the top 25 most wanted eco-friendly Mother’s Day gifts- with various price ranges for any budget to give that mom in your life a unique Mother’s Day gift idea that she’ll absolutely love! What’s even better is that they can be gifted all year round no matter what the occasion.


Himalayan Salt Lamp– these are a HUGE hit with tons of crunchy mamas. Not only are salt lamps gorgeous and put off a beautiful ambiance- they also have a purpose. They purify the air by attracting water molecules which carry bacteria, allergens, mold, etc. Wonderful for those suffering from asthma and allergies! This lamp is one of the highest rated salt lamps available.


eco-friendly mother's day gifts- himalayan salt lamp


Essential Oils– This is a product that you’re going to get many different opinions on what company and brand is the most reputable. Personally, I’ve always been a DoTerra fan and my second choice would be Young Living. The uses for essential oils is endless from anxiety, cleaning, digestive issues, literally EVERYTHING. ‘There’s an oil for that’ has never rang truer.


eco-friendly mother's day gifts- doterra essential oils


Oil Diffuser– If that special mama in your life already has some favorite oils- get her a diffuser! Not only do they offer all the same benefits as simply using the oil but they’re like a healthy, natural and non toxic air freshener. I always have mine going.


eco-friendly mother's day gifts- essential oil diffuser


Diffuser Jewelry– This is one on my list this year. Being a mother of 3 little ones it’s sometimes hard to pee in privacy let alone find, dilute and use my oils. Diffuser jewelry is so easy and simple and can be with you all day long. My favorite is a bracelet that my little ones can’t pull on and break. Simply wear it and add a drop or two to the jewelry for a lasting effect with you throughout the day.


eco-friendly mother's day gifts- essential oil diffuser jewelry


Plants– I’ve got a major love for all things plants- especially indoor plants. These are gorgeous to look at, make your home feel welcoming, fresh and purify the air. 


eco-friendly mother's day gifts- succulents


Non toxic makeup– I’m not a huge makeup wearing mama but when I do I prefer it to be non toxic and safe for my little ones to be around and touching, hugging…licking. Trust me, if you have kids that last one was no where near weird. 


eco-friendly mother's day gifts- non toxic makeup


French Press Not only is the coffee from a french press absolutely delicious but you don’t have to worry about spending money, having your coffee run through a bleached filter or worry about the plastic heating up. A major win/win! A french press is a switch that every coffee drinker should make!


eco-friendly mother's day gifts- french press


Non toxic nail polish– This one goes along with the makeup. Nail polish is another way to add a little flair to your life but who wants to do it with chemicals? Mainstream nail polish can be a hormone disrupter. Between the non-toxic makeup and nail polish- that’s one of those Mother’s Day gift baskets I’d totally use.


eco-friendly mother's day gifts- non toxic nail polish


Green Cleaning Products– We all know how dangerous some and most cleaning products can be not only for us adults but even more so for our kids and pets. They spend so much time crawling around on floors, putting things in their mouths, licking (see, it happens more than you think). Toxic, chemical laden cleaning products not only linger on surfaces but in the air too. Thieves Household cleaner is probably one of the most amazing cleaning products I’ve ever used. Smells amazing, safe, non toxic and works on like everything!


eco-friendly mother's day gifts- thieves household cleaner


Cookware– Probably one of my most favorite changes I’ve made for my family. I can finally cook without worrying about whatever toxic, non stick, unnatural element is leaching into our food. Stainless steel always my go to but cast iron is another great option!


eco-friendly mother's day gifts- stainless steel cookware


Organic Tea– I LOVE my tea! I’ve got so many different kinds of tea I can’t even keep count anymore. The wonderful thing about tea is that there’s a kind for everything. Upset stomach, anxiety, sleep, sore throat- you name it! A sampler of all flavors of tea is a great gift for any mama. Tea along with coffee is heavily sprayed with pesticides if not organic. 


eco-friendly mother's day gifts- organic tea sampler


Copper Mug – You may be asking yourself ‘why’ about this one. Copper is a vital element needed in our bodies for proper function. These mugs are wonderful for reducing systemic inflammation, they’re anti– microbial, increases absorption of minerals and more- not to mention they’re gorgeous!


eco-friendly mother's day gifts- copper mug


Lotion– If your a lotion lover, looking for a moisturizer or even for your kids choosing an organic and non toxic brand is so important. Our skin is our largest organ and whatever we put on it is absorbed by our bodies. This is one of my favorite brands and highly recommended by all eco-friendly mamas.


eco-friendly mother's day gifts - organic lotion


Berkey Water filtration system– This is probably one of the top 5 most wanted items on this list by all the crunchy mom’s who helped compile this list. A Berkey water filtration system is one that filters the tap water coming into our homes. You can buy different versions of these. One just for the sink all the way up to a filter for the entire house. Highly recommended by all who have one!


eco-friendly mother's day gifts - berkey water filtration system


Breastmilk jewelry– Another big ‘most wanted’ item. Breastmilk jewelry is exactly what it sounds like. Your breastmilk is shipped to the maker, they do their boobie milk magic and wala- you’ve got yourself an absolutely stunning ring, necklace…there are so many different options! This one might take the cake for unique Mother’s Day gift of the year. Check out Etsy for some great options! This gorgeous design is from LoveMilkandMemories!


eco-friendly mother's day gifts- breastmilk jewlery


Baby carrier– This one sounds like it’s for baby but trust me, it’s not- entirely. While both mom and baby benefit from a baby carrier, I swear it’s more for us mama’s. From being able to console and inconsolable baby, breastfeeding like a boss, getting chores done around the house, being able to get out of the house without lugging a huge stroller or having your arms about fall off from carrying the baby around. These are seriously a godsend. 


eco-friendly mother's day gifts - baby carrier


Massage/Adjustment– With 3 little one running around, needing and wanting picked up, getting down on the floor, breastfeeding, dishes and pretty much everything else all day long can take a toll on our backs and bodies. I don’t even have to explain how great and beneficial this one is. ANY mama would be happy with a great massage or chiropractic adjustment. 


eco-friendly mother's day gifts - massage


Juicer– Every crunchy mom and her family needs a juicer! Juicing is an amazing source of nutrition. The process of juicing takes all the hard work away from our bodies while providing an outstanding amount of nutrients. Juicing is also a big hit with kids. What kid wouldn’t want to pick out their own fruits and veggies and make their own flavor juice? 


eco-friendly mother's day gifts - juicer


Sewing machine – While I may not be the best at sewing, I love having my own machine for those projects I decide to take on myself whether it be fixing a hole, making some cloth diapers or reusable wipes.


eco-friendly mother's day gifts - sewing machine


Dehydrator – Dehydrators are a great way to preserve fruits and veggies and other things while keeping nutrients. You can make anything from apple chips, to beef jerky and even encapsulate your placenta with a good dehydrator!


eco-friendly mother's day gifts - dehydrator


Kombucha starter kit – If there’s one addiction I have in life- it’s kombucha. Packed full of probiotics it’s not only a delicous, bubbly treat but you can take pride in making your own!


eco-friendly mother's day gifts - kombucha starter kit


Maid– Hey, just because we’re crunchy doesn’t mean we don’t like our houses clean too. I can’t even begin to think about how excited I would be to receive a maid service if only for one day- as long as the products used are safe and non toxic! Groupon is a great resource for finding any deals on local cleaning services in your area!


eco-friendly mother's day gifts - maid


Yoga/Meditation classes– This is a another great one for the mom who doesn’t really want any materialistic gifts. An all paid for course of yoga classes is an amazing experience for some time to herself and totally beneficial for not only her health but for a more calm, collective mama at home as well. Groupon is great for finding local classes as well.


eco-friendly mother's day gifts -yoga classes


Crystals – I LOVE crystals. There are so many different kinds of crystals and uses for them that I haven’t even begun to tap the surface but I have them all around my house and absolutely love the energy they give. Even if not used in a ‘healing’ way, they’re totally gorgeous to even just look at. We call them ‘happy rocks’ in our house. 


eco-friendly mother's day gifts - crystals


What would be YOUR ultimate Eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift? I’d love to hear!




25 Eco-friendly mother's day gifts for the mindful mama. Gifts perfect for any crunchy mom, eco-friendly mother or mindful mama!

Eco-friendly mother's day gifts for the mindful mama- nature mom holding a child outdoors

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