How To Breastfeed A Baby- Like A Boss

How to beastfeed a baby

If your life involves breastfeeding a baby-

you’re in the right place.


You made it. Buh-bye morning sickness, swollen feet, crazy cravings and finally- childbirth.

Within the months of your pregnancy you picked names, clothes, the perfect nursery decorations, a carseat and most importantly, how you’re going to feed your new bundle of joy.

Many mothers start with a deep desire to breastfeed their babies. We know that nursing provides endless benefits for both baby and mom. If you’re ready to breastfeed like a boss, read on.



Just a few of the benefits…

Breast milk, also known as liquid gold incredible properties of over 200 known ingredients.  From probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, proteins, fats carbohydrates and so much more. Your body is a magnificent tool which makes the one and only source of nutrition he or she needs.

Your breast milk is completely individualized and custom to your baby’s ever changing needs. Your milk contains a lifetime of your antibodies to which are shared with your newborn baby for an immediate immune system boost as well as antibodies from every day, run of the mill illnesses.

One drop of breast milk contains about 1 million white blood cells. There isn’t a safer option for your baby during a time of illness (for mom or baby) than to continue nursing.

This liquid gold has been studied and found that breastfeeding aids in healthy brain development and has been linked to higher IQ levels.

Your milk is truly unbelievable and constantly changing. From varying tastes from what you ate that day to different levels of fore-milk and hind-milk. If you’re not familiar with these words, fore-milk is the ‘pre-milk’ if you will that essentially quenches your baby’s thirst. Followed by the hind-milk, which is thicker and high in fat content to keep your little one feeling full.



 Can you feel the love?


Nursing builds an amazingly strong bong between mother and baby. Immediately from birth your newborn can smell, hear, see, and taste all while breastfeeding. Hormones are released during the act of nursing that calm and relax both baby and mom.


Benefits for mom too…

As if we’re not already busy enough- breastfeeding saves, time effort and money. No washing bottles, measuring formula  and consoling a fussy baby as the bottle warms.

Women who breastfeed experience less Postpartum Depression and sleep an average of 45 more minutes a night than a mother of a formula fed baby.

The stimulation of breastfeeding helps the uterus shrink back down to pre-pregnancy size, can delay ovulation and the ever dreadful Aunt Flo (period).



The first month.

This one’s a doozy. While it may seem all is well, a great latch from the getgo, a sleepy baby…here come’s the second night. Commonly known as second night syndrome- it can seem your little one is very unhappy, not getting enough to eat, fussy, crying, wants held constantly. I can still vividly remember my 3 month old’s second night. I didn’t sleep an ounce. I can still see my husband sleeping like a rock right next to us *insert eye roll here*.

As if we didn’t already have enough going on with our bodies mother nature decides to add a little more to our plates. From the postpartum bleeding, hormones, soreness and all the other lovely postpartum symptoms it’s about to get a little more complicated. Here are my favorite postpartum essentials– for the crunchy mama.

Within the next couple days your milk begins to come in. This can be a very difficult period as your body tries to learn exactly what your baby needs. Prepare for the engorgement and leaky breasts. This is when those breast pads come in handy.

Even after 2 other kids, I was convinced I was doing something wrong. As long as there is optimal diaper output- As always, nurse on mama. This too shall pass.


And every month after…

This is usually when things start to get a little easier. Not to mention, your boobs won’t feel like two rocks sitting on your chest for much longer. It isn’t all sunshine and roses just yet.

Within these next few months your little one will also probably begin to drop a night feeding. This is totally normal as they develop a sleep routine and can go longer periods of time without nursing.

Your milk supply and nursing routine will become established within the first couple months. Don’t begin to think your supply is dipping because your breasts don’t feel quite as full as they did the first or second month- your body is simply becoming used to the amount of milk your little one demands.

Around three months is about the time that postpartum hair loss begins. Don’t be alarmed but you can lose significant amounts of hair during this period. Postpartum hair loss usually tapers off around 6-8 months. Be sure to take your multi-vitamins, they help!

These next months to year(s) will be full of new skills and milestones for you and your little one throughout your breastfeeding journey.


Plot twist.

While this may all sound amazing and it is- breastfeeding, being a ‘natural’ aspect of life- doesn’t always come naturally.

This is where I’m going to be the bad guy and tell you, if you haven’t already found out for yourself that breastfeeding hard, complicated, exhausting, trying and way too often failed.

But, it’s simply one of nature’s miracle.

So when we have a hiccup along the way of our breastfeeding journey- it’s nerve-wracking. We often find ourselves questioning “Am I making enough milk”? “Is my baby allergic or sensitive to something in my diet” and any other question imaginable.

As a mother of four, three of which I birthed and breastfed myself I’m here to tell you- it’s hard. I know. I get it. I’ve experienced everything from dairy allergies to colic, Oversupply to low supply. Harsh letdowns, fore-milk and hind-milk imbalances and with postpartum depression and anxiety.

I’ve even encapsulated my own placenta in an attempt to make my postpartum and breastfeeding easier.


Rest assured…

I’m here to tell you that breastfeeding can feel anything but natural. That is, until you educate yourself. There are so many aspects of breastfeeding that I haven’t even begun to touch base on.

Knowledge is power.

Breastfeeding is a truly rewarding experience for both mom and baby. There are so many benefits and elements to successfully nursing a child and can quickly overwhelm a new and even seasoned mother.

After 3 children myself, the one subject I always find myself revisiting- is breastfeeding. While we can find endless material throughout the internet it can quickly become too much or too repetitive with no real detail or explanation. Milkology offers an phenomenal online course designed and created for mother’s to learn how to breastfeed a baby- like a boss.

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