Purgatory of Minimalism- The fundamentals of decluttering

The fundamentals of decluttering


-having the quality of cleansing or purifying.


Naturally, with the lifestyle of minimalism comes the act of purging one’s clutter- sometimes a lifetime of clutter. Be it material objects, an unhealthy relationship- anything that brings you stress. The truth is there is no definitive definition for minimalism. My idea of living a minimalistic lifestyle could be complete and total chaos to you.

One principle that does stand clear to everyone in this lifestyle is the idea of ‘doing with less’. The process of getting to less is often long, difficult and trying. Making the decision of what’s to stay and what’s to go can be difficult and once you decide, you have to figure out what to do with it.

So what do we do with the things we no longer feel a need for? Where do they go?

Do we sell it? Donate it? Toss it all in a big dumpster?


Whatever the method you choose, being a minimalist is a conscious decision to do and create less waste.


Trash- American’s produce an estimated 30% of the world’s garbage. That’s astonishing when you figure that we only make up 5% of the population with nearly 2,000 pounds of that trash per person being organic compost that could have simply been recycled.  Tossing is sometimes inevitable but should always be the last of your options.

Recycling- Recycling is your second best option to trashing those that can’t be saved. The items are are cycled from essentially trash to new products rather than ending their life in a landfill. The act of recycling cuts down on our air, water, soil and gas pollution drastically.

Selling- Come sale away! One person’s trash is another’s treasure. Okay, you get it. This is a great option that has the potential for earning a little extra cash. Though sometimes extremely beneficial to one’s financial situation, cash is an open door to buying and entering the viscous cycle of purging once again.

Donating- Better yet- donating. The thought of giving your previously loved items to those that need them can be very gratifying. This is an option that eliminates the need and opportunity for cash.

Repurpose- Best of all, repurposing! This is by far my favorite and probably the most fun option of all. Being broken, damaged and no longer needing an item doesn’t mean it has to be tossed into the trash.  Old shirts? Try new, funky produce bag! The ideas are endless and keep our landfill contributions to a minimum.


The fundamentals of decluttering
Purgatory of Minimalism

8 thoughts on “Purgatory of Minimalism- The fundamentals of decluttering

  1. great ideas. I donate my clothes and books. I’ve been decluttering my house for a while now (baby steps) and I feel so great. I see now that I don’t need a lot of stuff.

  2. This post is a great reminder for how we should be decluttering. I’m pretty good about sending our stuff to goodwill but honestly, I’ve never even considered selling or repurposing!

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