Resourceful Mom Hacks

Mom Hack- Novelty cup with Betty Crocker 'lid' cover photo

Ready for an awesome Resourceful Mom Hack?

We all have them, those novelty cups we hate and our kids LOVE.


Of course you can’t throw them away because the only thing that does is start World War 3. Not to mention, most of our kids are too little to even drink out of the damn things.

Get ready for the game changer…

Only a decent mother would let their little one’s eat an entire can of icing for dinner. Totally kidding. Chances are you probably have a can of it in your pantry though. That little sugar-loaded beauty is your ticket to ‘mom of the year’ success.


The lids match perfectly!


Your days of little Tommy dumping juice down the couch cushions are over!


Cut yourself a straw sized hole in the middle and you’ve got yourself our Resourceful Mom Hack of the year!


-This Resource Mom Hack comes from the one and only and borderline genius- Nicole Gilmer




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